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mgmt_slash's Journal

We were fated to pretend.

MGMT Slash
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Hello! Welcome to the MGMT Slash community! Here we're honouring the cute, little love bond between our favourite hippies, MGMT!

You can literally post anything you want as long as it's a little slashy, such as:

               1. Fan Fictions
               2. Pictures
               3. Drawings/Sketches
               4. Interviews/Videos (don't have to be slashy)
               5. News (doesn't have to be either)
               6. Icons
               7. and whatever else you can find!

Here are also a few community rules that will be lightly thrown at you:
               1. When posting pictures, icons, fanfictions, interviews (if embedded), drawings, etc. please put them behind an LJ-Cut. This will greatly help out with those that have a slower connection.
               2. You don't have to tag your entries. Usually people forget anyway, so it doesn't really matter if you tag stuff. It's kind of a nuisance anyway.
               3. When posting a fan fiction, please make sure that it at least has a title, a rating, a pairing (if any), and also a disclaimer. Additional options include an author name, an era, any warnings you may want to include (such as language, sex, etc.), a wordcount, a summary, and even maybe an author's note.
               4. Please no arguing about anything. If you wish to flame, please go troll around on 4chan or YouTube. It'll make this community a lot happier of a place! If a fight ensues, please contact one of the administrators (fuzzybuni or ladynuwanda) if you're seeking help.
               5. One last little thing: If you dislike slash, PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Do not read it or visit here if you do not like it.

Thanks for joining! Hope to see more slashers around soon!


Community moderated by fuzzybuni and ladynuwanda.
Founded by fuzzybuni February 12th, 2010.
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