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Are you guys still active at all?

I couldn't believe it when I stumbled upon this amazing community... I seriously thought I was the only bendrew shipper in the universe until that moment. I'm glad I was wrong!

Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone still kept up with this comm because it seems pretty dead (it would be sad if it were completely inactive D:)

Fanart Dump: Bendrew

Hello! I know it's a bit quiet here recently but I just wanted to share some stuff cause despite being late to the fandom, this community helped me with my MGMT slash feels a lot. :) Under the cut you're going to find a few ridiculous Ben/Andrew fanart. :D

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Ben/Andrew Tumblr

Hello! To everyone who frequents Tumblr, we've put up a blog for these two lovely boys:


It's mostly just an archive of sorts for anything Ben/Andrew, but if you've got any fics, art etc. you'd like us to put up there, we'd be delighted to do so. Thanks and stay cool MGMT slashers! :D

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Fanfic tryout?

I made this, and I have no idea whether you will like it. I am very new to this fandom, but fell in love, so I tried something.
It's a oneshot and it starts with Belinda's POV. She's an OC I made up for this. I just felt I couldn't write from the boys' view yet, as I didn't know them that well. ;)

Used a funny font, and it somehow made writing this easier. XD

By the way: hi there, Fuzzybuni! 

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